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Racing is a wonderful, exciting, sport but it can be overwhelming and confusing for the first time racegoer. People talking in a seemingly strange language, large sums of money changing hands. Even striking a bet in the betting ring can be intimidating for the first time racegoer.

The aim of this web site is to help you get the most from your first visit to the races so you can fully appreciate what is on offer. Who knows it may ignite a passion for the sport that remains with you for the rest of your life and even if it doesn’t you will hopefully have a better understanding of the “Sport of Kings”.

If you have come this far you are obviously interested in a day at the races, how you spend the day ultimately depends, very much, on personal preference. This guide is based on my experiences of over 30 years racegoing.

Here are two “rules” as far as your first visit is concerned.

Rule 1

Arrive early at the racecourse, at least an hour before the first race, preferably an hour and a half before. This will give you a chance to have a good look around and to get your bearings before the racing begins and the crowds arrive.

Rule 2

No matter how glamorous it may appear avoid a ‘big meeting’ for your racecourse debut. Going to Royal Ascot, The Derby, Grand National etc. may sound exciting but they are invariably very busy, very crowded and overwhelming. You will not fully appreciate a real day at the races. I’ve spoken to many people who say they’ve been racing once and they didn’t like it. When questioned further it’s invariably been the case that their only visit was to a big meeting and they found the experience overwhelming.  

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